There you are.

David is currently Design Director at Custora, a marketing analytics company based in New York.

Before that he designed things and experiences at IDEO’s Cambridge, MA studio.

Before that he worked with the sharp tacks at Future Partners (formerly C2) in a surfboard warehouse.

Before that he developed a fundraising campaign for new parkland in East Baltimore.

Before that he thought he was going to work in advertising.

Before that he mixed paint, helped make a film, and somehow passed Calculus for Business and Economics.

Before that he scooped ice cream, rotated canned beans, and lived with a family in Holland.

Before that he recorded the absolute highest (worst) score at the Northwoods youth golf tournament. (Free pizza though).

Before that he yelled, “And it comes in a box!” in one of the first TV ads for mobile phones.

Before that it was mostly drawing, legos, soccer, hammer pants and flat tops.


Get in touch: dstychno at gmail

Have a great day.