There you are.

David is a currently Design Director at Amperity, a customer data platform.

Before that he led the design team for a really long time at Custora, a customer intelligence platform.

Before that he designed things and experiences at IDEO’s Cambridge, MA studio.

Before that he worked with the sharp tacks at Future Partners (formerly C2) in a surfboard warehouse.

Before that he developed a fundraising campaign for new parkland in East Baltimore.

Before that he thought he was going to work in advertising.

Before that he mixed paint, helped make a film, and somehow passed Calculus for Business and Economics.

Before that he scooped ice cream, rotated canned beans, and lived with a family in Holland.

Before that he recorded the absolute highest (worst) score at the Northwoods youth golf tournament. (Free pizza though).

Before that he yelled, “And it comes in a box!” in one of the first TV ads for mobile phones.

Before that it was mostly drawing, legos, soccer, hammer pants and flat tops.


Get in touch: dstychno at gmail

Have a great day.